YIKE CLASS with Samantha Renshaw

YIKE CLASS with Samantha Renshaw

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This is the first class of its kind.


Schedule: 8:45-10:30AM

8:45 AM Please arrive to class minimum of 15 min early. 

9AM Leave for holiday park.

Bike trail at holiday park Approx 30 min

45 min yoga class

Bike back to home base. 


Bring a little bag that you can carry over your chest for personal belongings and water bottle. (We also have ones you can use)

Bring towel or yoga mat. 

Wear sun screen. 

We ride a trike to Holiday park, bike the trail then do a 45 min yoga class and bike back! 

We ride these awesome fun bright yellow trikes called Fun Cycles!

Bike & helmet included!

No expierence nessesary.  

Samantha became a dedicated yoga student while living abroad and looking for an answer to the challenges of being away from home. Through physical and spiritual practice, she found a profound peace and serenity that she could carry with her wherever she was, on or off the mat. When she moved back home to south Florida, she immediately completed her RYT 200 training so that she could expand and share her knowledge with others. "My classes provide a safe and open space where students can explore their own practice and move deeply into self-discovery"
class description:
Lengthen and tone the entire body with a condensed vinyasa flow accessible to all levels. Move with your breath through standing and seated postures to find balance. strength, and flexibility. End with a short relaxation to assimilate the benefits of the practice.