Danielle Lepore

Danielle Lepore
Yoga enthusiast and spiritual student, Danielle discovered yoga in 2007 and each day becomes more amazed with the power it has to still your mind, challenge your body, and free your spirit. In 2015 she received her RYT-200 from Fred Busch Hot Power Yoga.  Her classes combine breath work with challenging asanas, allowing students to be fully present and feel connected to their true selves.




buddha farm Maya Devi
Maya is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha yoga instructor based out of South Florida. She has practiced yoga for over four years. In 2016, she completed her first RYT 200 certification at Philip Christodoulou’s Anuttara Yoga Shala. Since then, she's continued to train and study under Philip and earned an additional 100-hour certification as a Vinyasa yoga instructor.
Maya's style has evolved into a blend of physical and mystical. Her classes vary in intensity from playful, fiery vinyasa flows to graceful and restorative. As a student, you can expect creative sequences, clear alignment cues, and modifications to suit all practitioners. Her goal is to inspire students to make small changes on their mat that will lead to big changes in their lives.

Sarah Bruno
When I started practicing yoga, I had no idea it would turn into this passionate love affair. From a very young age, I battled self-love and this battle followed me throughout much of my adult life. In 2013, my brother introduced me to yoga, sharing of it’s healing benefits. Being someone in search of that healing, yoga quickly became a part of my life, allowing me to discover the self-love I was desperately seeking.
Years later, this love blossomed into a burning desire to share my passion for yoga with others. This passion pushed me to complete my 200 hour Teacher Training in October of 2017. In my classes, you can expect an energetic expression of yoga that emphasizes alignment-based movement led by the breath. As a yoga teacher, my goal is to create a passionate, safe and empowering practice where students can explore themselves, building strength on and off the mat, flowing past all fears and doubts to start living more fully. I hope to encourage my students to discover the beauty of self-love and the magical healing powers of this life practice.


Erika Contreras Erika Contreras
My "Yoga" moment came in 2004 at Yoga Rosa (Hallandale, FL) where I explored Iyengar Yoga and began my formal trainings, all which led me to a deep, personal transformation on many levels which continues with joy, gratitude, and a willingness to show up everyday on my mat.
Journeying through YTT's which include, Iyengar, Bikram, Yoga Therapy, Bhakti, Hatha, and Ashtanga (200 HR) Yoga. I've been honored to study with Rosa Santana, Dean & Rebecca Learner, Marti Krauss, Bikram Choudhury, Louise Goldberg, Melinda Atkins, Anthony Connell, Bea Maldonado and Rose M. Csekle.
I have taught in the Bikram, Iyengar, Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Restorative, Chair yoga, Yoga Fusion, Hot Flow, Yoga Therapy, Yogalates and Pilates (Mat & w/Props). My teaching style blends the alchemy of my own practice with years of studentship. I aspire not to teach but to allow the practice to emanate from myself, letting awareness blend with movement and breath, yoga warrior and servant to the breath. My classes are Energetic, Fun always making my students smile but paying close attention to Alignment, Anatomy education, Yoga philosophy and reminding my students that the "Prana" (Breath) is everything.



Felix Rodriguez
Coming from a martial arts background, I was always very active. I started doing yoga at 16, being initially intrigued by a scorpion pose I saw in one of my dad's books as a kid. I began getting serious about my practice at 22 in San Francisco, attending donation based classes hosted by Yoga to the People but it was still very much asana based.
I graduated my yoga teacher training at The Yoga Joint in October 2017 where I put my body through one of the greatest physical challenges I have ever had but it was well worth it. I was blessed to have the smallest class in their history which allowed us to have one-on-one attention from some of the greatest yoga minds south Florida has to offer.
I hope to generate a community of dedicated yogis looking to physically challenge their bodies but also build social connections to help us through our lowest moments. I have always felt that when you find beauty in life you need to share it with others. As a yoga teacher, I hope to help people learn to be comfortable in their own skin and show compassion to themselves. We live in a society of disconnectedness and we are constantly reminded we are not enough or we don’t have enough. Comparison is the thief of joy, and I encourage my students to find joy in every little thing they can.



Samantha Renshaw Samantha Renshaw
Samantha became a dedicated yoga student while living abroad and looking for an answer to the challenges of being away from home. Through physical and spiritual practice, she found a deep peace and serenity that she could carry with her wherever she was, on or off the mat. When she moved back home to south Florida, she immediately completed her RYT 200 training so that she could expand and share her own practice and knowledge with others. "I find that a balance of movement and stillness in each class allows for the strongest mind-body connection.” Her goal is to enable each student to find ease in their edge by using breath to turn every posture into a meditation.


Kim Colletti
“Everyone begins their yoga journey for different reasons, and mine began as a tool for injury recovery.” As a collegiate rower, Kim sustained a back injury that never seemed to heal. When physical therapy wasn’t working, she tried yoga and feel in love. She has been a dedicated yogi ever since. “Not only has my body grown stronger with each session, but my back has also seen incredible improvements!” Kim is particularly affected by and interested in adjustments and alignment as a focus of her practice. Her classes are designed to challenge each student wherever they are on their yoga journey, beginning with the basics of alignment and offering moderate to advanced variations. 

Noah Chapman Noah Chapman
Noah began his teacher training after practicing daily for over 7 years. Traveling the country to promote his community based healthcare program with hospitals and pharmacies, Noah made the conscious decision to follow his passion and pursue a teaching career. Experiencing yoga in studios all over the country, Noah brings a unique approach to yoga focusing on assisting in the alignment of the postures, with the goal on building confidence in the practitioner. Noah is active in meditation, while exploring different methods such as guided meditation, candle gazing, sound and light meditation.
Noah found that complete silent meditation was the most powerful vessel, having been accepted and completing a Vipassana 10 day silent meditation at the Dhamma institute and dedicating himself to daily meditation. Noah brings a perspective on bringing yoga into our daily lives and using yoga to facilitate a healthy introduction to meditation. Passionate about giving and the Karma created, Noah looks for every opportunity to practice karma yoga working within the community through various businesses he owns to actively give back. Down to earth teacher with life experience in the high paced and demanding corporate world and a small business owner himself, Noah brings an appreciation for the stresses of life and is sensitive to meeting the needs of what his practitioners are bringing to the mat.


Arkell Quarles
Arkell's expansive background in health and fitness has helped to forge her success as a registered yoga teacher, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Arkell graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Exercise Science, it was during college when she attended her first yoga class. Since that first class she has been drawn in by the complexity of the practice; physical asanas and development of mindfulness. Her passion for the foundations and building blocks of movement make her classes informative with deep adjustments and assists while helping to cultivate a mind body connection that is sustainable. She enjoys combining pranayama "breath work" into her Vinyasa classes along with fun playlists. Arkell received her RYT 200 hour from Amanda White who is known for her alignment and adjustments style practice. Arkell thrives on expanding her continuing education through classes, workshops and trainings. When she isn't teaching Arkell can be found walking her dog Aspen, enjoying some outdoor activity on the beach or fulfilling her love of coffee around some of Fort Lauderdale's best coffee spots.


Nina Hunt YogaNina Elise
Nina has an extensive background in fitness, with 8 years of experience in gymnastics (competing & coaching). Following reconstructive knee surgery in 2014, Nina began taking yoga classes to aid in her recovery. She quickly found yoga as a way to not only rebuild her strength, but also alleviate stress and anxiety. Shortly after, she became a certified yoga teacher and personal trainer, and is now able to share her love of body awareness and mindfulness through teaching yoga. Understanding that every body is different, she customizes all of her classes based on the needs of her students. She travels all over the world to learn from the best yoga teachers, combining several yoga lineages in her teaching style for a unique, challenging, and meditative practice.

Lara BeckerLara Becker

Lara's yoga interest was sparked in 2013 when she was trying to seek ways to manage stress and encourage weight loss. What began as a physical practice soon turned into a spiritual journey and a life changing experience. Yoga has helped shed pounds, alleviate chronic back pain and given her confidence and self awareness. She has strengthened her body and has become more flexible, calm and dedicated to her goals. Her passion is to teach others what Yoga can do for them.

In 2013, Lara became 200 hr certified, and in 2016, 500 hr RYT in Hatha Yoga as well as Reiki 1 & 2. She utilizes her unique blend of Hatha yoga, breathe work, Reiki, aromatherapy, sound healing and meditation to guide students through a sequence, but also allows time to reflect and reconnect, leaving stress and worries on the mat.


christina PNina Pechonis
Nina Pechonis came to yoga as a last resort to help fix what medicine had failed. "Through a dedicated practice over the past 8 years, not only has my love for yoga grown, but I am extremely grateful for how it has helped my health issues exponentially. After finally fulfilling my dream of becoming a RYT-200, I am honored to help my students achieve whatever goal Yoga can offer you. I hold proper alignment of the poses very close to my heart so every practitioner can feel the true benefits Yoga has to offer."


phylice Phylice Kessler
“My mission is to inspire others to reach beyond their self-limiting beliefs and make an impact personally, collectively, and globally.”
Phylice Kessler, MS, CPT, E-RYT, has been an acclaimed yoga instructor & fitness professional in South Florida for over 20 years. She uses her Master’s Degree in Mental Health and her background in personal training to create a class that is heart opening, butt-kicking, & spiritually awakening to change your body and shift your perspective. Empower your body, engage your mind, evolve your life!!! "I believe that yoga sparks a fire of transformation in everyone, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or a combination of all these elements. I want my students to feel comfortable, have fun, and express themselves freely, and to create a new relationship between themselves and their bodies. No judgment. No expectations. No criticism. Strictly using breath and movement to explore the nuances of their bodies and cultivate their spirit."


Lisa CatniaLisa Catana
Lisa is an inspiring mind/body professional who likes to teach a variety of yoga styles. Spending her college years as a dance and exercise major and a fitness enthusiast, she then became interested in a deeper connection of wellness. Now with her 200hr RYT, OnboardSUP yoga, Yogafit and Yoga gangsters trainings she can share her knowledge in many ways with all walks of life.