Menu of Offerings

Choose your own experience:

  1. Smudging: Smudging has been used by native and indigenous people of the world to cleanse and renew energies around us. It is the act of burning of a natural element and used as a form of incense. Incorporating this to your sessions helps to promote feelings of calm, clarity, grounding and peace. Usually smudging will take place either at the start or end of your session. The following grounding and clearing elements are available to you:

    Palo Santo
    Sweet Grass

  2. Aromatherapy: Depending on your needs during the time of the massage, you may choose from a variety of therapeutic grade essential oils, for use during your massage. Simplified, essential oils cross the blood brain barrier and affect the limbic system of the brain which helps regulate mood and balancing of day to day stress and well being. $10

  3. Sound Healing: A crystal sound healing bowl will be played before, during and/or after your sessions. Use of tuning forks may also be incorporated. Simplified: sound healing instruments emit vibrational sound frequencies (in the form of sound waves) and help to evoke feelings of profound peace, relaxation and promote our body’s own natural healing abilities. $15
  4. Hot Stones: Hot stone massage. $20
  5. Private Yoga Class: You may choose to be led through a one on one yoga flow, with personalized assist and gentle adjustments before your massage. $25 for 30 minutes of guided practice